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Uloga Notara u Americkom Sistemu

The Role of Notaries in the American System

In the United States, notaries play an important role in certifying and witnessing official documents. Their services are often required to verify the authenticity of signatures on documents and provide additional security during formal transactions. Here are some common services provided by notaries in the U.S.:

Signature authentication

Notaries authenticate signatures on official documents to confirm that they are genuine and have been signed by the individuals claiming to have done so.

Power of attorney authentication

Notaries authenticate powers of attorney granted by individuals to others, empowering them to perform certain legal or financial actions on their behalf.

Testament authentication

Notaries can authenticate wills to confirm the authenticity of the signature of the person who wrote the will, which can be important in the case of inheritance of property.

Contract authentication

Notaries can authenticate contracts to ensure that the signatures of the parties to the contract are genuine and that the parties have agreed to its contents.

Real estate document authentication

Notaries often authenticate documents such as mortgages, deeds, or mortgage releases to ensure that real estate transactions are valid.


Notaries can be present and witness the signing of documents to ensure that all procedures are conducted in accordance with the law.

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