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Srpska Zajednica u Čikagu

Serbian Community in Chicago

The Serbian community in Chicago is one of the largest and most active Serbian communities in the United States. Chicago has a rich history of

Uloga Imigracionih Konsultanata

The Role of Immigration Consultants

The role of immigration consultants in the United States may vary depending on local regulations and practices, but it usually involves providing various services that

AZIL: Proces i Resursi

ASYLUM: Process and Resources

Seeking asylum can be an incredibly challenging and emotionally exhausting process for individuals who have left their homes and are facing unfamiliar and often dangerous

Zelena Karta i Kako Doci Do Nje

Green Card and How to Get It

The process of obtaining a green card in the United States can be complex and involves several steps. The green card, officially known as permanent

Deportacija i Proces Ukidanja Deportacije

Deportation and Deportation Relief Process

Deportation relief is a complex issue that requires careful consideration of political, legal, social, and economic factors. Deportation is a procedure applied in many countries

Postupak Prijave Za Američko Državljanstvo

The Process of Applying for U.S. Citizenship

Applying for U.S. citizenship, known as the naturalization application (Form N-400), is a process that involves submitting certain documents and information to the immigration authorities

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